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Frank Puranik, Senior Technical Specialist, iTrinegyFrank Puranik, Senior Technical Specialist
Frank Puranik, Senior Technical Specialist at iTrinegy, is undisputedly a very busy man. Leading a team of experts at iTrinegy, a leading global provider in software defined test networks, it is not unusual for Puranik to clock in the hours at work. For someone who works in the deepest trenches of resolving network-related application performance issues for the clients, the experienced professional along with his dynamic team is committed to mitigating all networked application deployment risks for their clients.

Real-world network conditions can kill application performance, observes Puranik. A realistic and early-stage verification is what he believes is the solution. This is precisely where iTrinegy is in a league of its own, helping organizations to understand the impact of real world networks on the delivery of their services and applications, by enabling them to validate application performance prior to actual rollout or migration. The company equips organizations with two ranges of network emulator products, enabling them to replicate WAN conditions and environments in seconds. Clients can opt for the highly scalable INE Network Emulator that can recreate any network including for more complex, sophisticated fully-meshed network environments. On the other hand, they can also leverage the easy-to-use NE-ONE network emulator that boasts rapid deployment times, comes with a built-in networks knowledge base and does not require any specialist network knowledge. iTrinegy’s software defined virtual test networks are used by a wide cross-section of industries—from defense, financial services to retail, healthcare and government—for de-risking application deployments and migrations over networks.

In one instance, Cisco, one of the largest and most prestigious networking and IT companies, started planning for its proof-of-concept demonstrations in a realistic environment in an attempt to assure its prospective clients about the utility of its SD-WAN solutions. In doing so, the Cisco Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) decided to introduce a Software Defined Test Network, which could create different network topologies in its set-up. Despite having their own internal traffic generation tools, the manager of TCoE, Kris Sekula, chose not to use Cisco’s tools and consequently, opted for a third-party solution that would help them deliver an unbiased SD-WAN capability assessment. Sekula placed his trust in Nevada-based iTrinegy, known for developing software defined test network solutions for over a decade.

With the help of iTrinegy’s NE-ONE and INE network emulators, Cisco could cater to the two different sets of audiences. Furthermore, while NE-ONE made it effortless for the junior engineers to understand the GUI and operate the software, INE enabled Cisco’s experienced technical team to draw networks of any structure they deemed fit and adjust the network parameters as per their requirements. Such efficient and unmatchable solution delivery not just met but also exceeded Cisco’s demands. Since then, the company has utilized iTrinegy’s products to conduct impartial proof-of-concept testing and demonstrate the quality of its SD-WAN solutions.

Scripting similar success stories for numerous clients, iTrinegy’s user-friendly test networks have evolved over time to help enterprises in seamlessly converging different platforms over IP networks.
“We help our customers in the SD-WAN space to utilize our software defined test network to test various vendors’ SD-WAN solutions, and to select the best product that suits their business environment,” says Puranik.

The NE-ONE Network Emulator can be configured to provision (emulate) different Network Circuits such as WAN, MPLS, DSL, Cloud and Cellular circuits. Each circuit can independently have its properties (quality & availability) updated dynamically to create a realistic test environment.

With a number of model options to meet today’s demanding requirements, the network managers can leverage iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Network technology for safeguarding networked application performance and ensuring business-critical services are successfully delivered over all types of networks. iTrinegy’s test network tools streamline the process of experimenting with new applications on the network for these managers by providing them with separate platforms to execute such tests, without putting the ongoing business at risk. iTrinegy has also come across situations when organizations like air traffic control endeavored to replace older style legacy networks and embrace MPLS, which they recognized would present challenges. In such a situation where the threat is posed directly on the safety of the masses, iTrinegy’s software defined test network technology has proved exceptionally beneficial.

We help our customers in the SD-WAN space to utilize our software defined test network to test various vendors’ SD-WAN solutions, and to select the best product that suits their business environment

On serving different organizations as per their varied needs, iTrinegy has been recognized as the industry leaders’ preferred choice in the realm of network testing for SD-WAN. The uniqueness of iTrinegy’s technology stems from its ability to provide both ease-of-use and speed. Besides, iTrinegy’s technology is backed up with a full support and training service, enabling the company to work closely with its clients and take full control of the experience delivered along with the test network solutions.

According to Puranik, this customer-centric approach helps iTrinegy to recognize their challenges in advance and, consequently, develop solutions. iTrinegy’s early IPv6 support and emulation of MPLS networks bear the testimony of this practice. In fact, as 2019 triggered a significant transformation in the market and the need to test SDN and 5G, iTrinegy is primed to reap the benefits of these disruptions. Always a step ahead in the game, the company had predicted long back its customers’ current shift from the waterfall approach to DevOps, and developed products to meet the impending need. Currently, iTrinegy is concentrating on deploying those products in production networks—not just in inter-lab scenarios, as demanded by its end users.

“iTrinegy’s solutions are not limited to SD-WAN technology. Our capabilities include creating almost any kind of test network, be it WAN, Satellite, Cloud, Cellular or Radio networks, depending on our customers’ diverse requirements,” mentions Puranik. Moving ahead, with a strong value proposition in place, iTrinegy has no plans of slowing down and is committed to curbing its customers’ risks at different levels—from personal safety to financial and reputational risk. “Whether it’s defense, banking, gaming, healthcare or retail, we are committed to helping our customers deliver positive user experiences and avert significant network-related risks.”
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Reno, NV

Frank Puranik, Senior Technical Specialist

Headquartered in Reno, iTrinegy develops software defined test networks to help both SD-WAN solution providers and users to test the networks before deploying them. Its clients can choose its highly scalable INE Network Emulator when they want to recreate any network, or can leverage its easy-to-use NE-ONE network emulator for boasting rapid deployment times. As one of the top SD-WAN Consulting/Service Companies, iTrinegy provides its solutions to a wide range of industries—from defense, financial services to retail, healthcare and government—to not only de-risk application deployments but also streamline migrations over networks